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fishing charter mahi mahi dorado puerto rico tour guide

We offer it all!  Whether you desire night fishing, deep sea fishing, trolling, or spearfishing, we've got you covered!  Come reel in the catch of the day aboard one of our beautiful boats.  We'll even come prepared to clean your catch so you can feast on your efforts!  Your chartered tour includes a variety of snacks, fruits, waters, and sodas for your enjoyment.  Alcohol will not be provided, however, you are welcome to bring your own.  Half day or full day charters available.  Group pricing offered - call us to discuss your options. 

Fishing Charters
Snorkeling and Diving
scuba diving tour puerto rico snorkeling desecheo island underwater adventures

We offer options for everyone to experience the underwater world, regardless of your level of experience.  With our snorkeling, discovery diving (no experience necessary!) and fully certified diver tours, you're surely going to have a great day with us.  We know the reefs up and down the west coast of the island like the back of our hands, and will provide you an amazing day of underwater exploration! 


Snorkeling starting $100/pp

Discovery diving starting at $175/pp

Certified scuba divers starting at $125/pp    

Snorkeling and scuba diving tours
Bioluminescent Bay tours

The bioluminescence is a natural phenomoenon that occurs in a few locations on the island.  It is caused by single celled microorganisms that glow briefly when they are disturbed.  These organisms, called dinoflagellates, only live in large enough concentration that they are noticeable in very few locations around the world.  We love taking guests to have a wondrous experience swimming in the waters of the bay.  On our tour, you will first spend some time kayaking and paddleboarding, and exploring a small island off the coast.  There you can snorkel in the reef, check out turtle nests (from a distance) and watch a beautiful sunset.  Enjoy some snacks and drinks at a nearby restaurant, and prepare for the experience of a lifetime!  After dark, you will get to paddle board or kayak around the bio bay and swim in the "glitter".  The experience is surreal!  Glow like Avatar, and make your own "glitter angel" in the water.  We will bring snorkeling equipment so you can not only see it from above, but also get the underwater view as well.  This is an experience like none other!  Don't plan on getting to bed early, as you won't return to Rincon until fairly late at night.        

Tours starting at $100/pp

Bio Bay
Whale watching
Whale watching tours (seasonal)

Rincon is a very popular whale watching destination in early spring, as the humpbacks travel toward the Atlantic where they will spend their summer months.  Watching from the Rincon lighthouse, many a whales will pass by to the delight of the onlookers.  Seeing them breach from ashore is nothing compared to the breathtaking experience of being able to see them up close.  These majestic creatures are endangered, so we are very priviledged to be a popular tour stop for them.  January through March is the best time for whale watching here in Puerto Rico, so if you plan to be in Rincon during whale season you should definitely call us to schedule a tour!  Though we can never guarantee a whale sighting, we can combine your whale watching tour with fishing or snorkeling/diving to guarantee that you will at least have a great time!  And if you are one of the many many lucky ones, you will go home having stories to tell your friends and family of seeing these gentle giants within arms reach! 

whales in rincon puerto rico whale watching tour adventure in caribbean tour guide
sunset boat cruise tour guide adventure puerto rico rincon sunsets celebrate special moments

Rincon is known for having the most amazing sunsets on the island.  There is nothing more serene than relaxing with your loved ones, cruising the Caribbean with a drink in your hand, and seeing the sun set herself behind beautiful Desecheo island.  We do scenic tours out to Desecheo and/or along the coastline, which can be combined with a sunset cruise to top off a truly magical day.  Have a special event in mind?  Need some help making your dream come true?  No problem!  Call us to discuss your plans and we will love to help you!

Sunset and scenic cruises
Sunset Cruises
Waterfall Tours
Waterfall day trips

Isla Del Encanto is full of breathtaking waterfalls all over the island.  Many of which are hidden and more difficult to get to.  Have a truly incredible experience getting to swim in some of the little known falls in paradise.  We will take care of the driving while you get to relax and enjoy the scenery along the way.  We will teach you about plants and animals that you may see along the way.  This day long adventure will be one to remember!

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